Fellowship Lunch

Our next fellowship lunch is April 28th at Pastor Mark and Vicki’s house. Think sandwiches and subs! A sign-up list will be passed around during the Morning Celebration. Lunch begins at 12:30 (ish).

Business Meeting

Our next business meeting is April 28th at 6 PM.

Men's Breakfast

Our next breakfast is 9 AM, May 4th at Bob Evans, 40 W Leffel Ln, Springfield.

Encouragement Group

Our next encouragement group meeting is Sunday, May 5th, at 6 PM in the Men's Bible study classroom. We are working through the book Relaxing With God, by Andrew Farley. This week we are in chapter 16, "It's Not about Water or Wine."  Everyone is invited to attend and participate, even if you don't have the book. 

The Lord's Supper

We will celebrate the Lord's Supper on May 12th, during our Morning Celebration.