Beggar's Night

We will be handing out candy and serving hot dogs on Beggar's Night (6 PM - 8 PM).

Men's Breakfast 

Our next breakfast is 9 AM, November 3rd. We meet on the first Saturday of the month at Bob Evans Restaurant, 40 W. Leffel Lane, Springfield.

Encouragement Group - New Study

Our encouragement group will begins again this Sunday, Oct 21st, at 6 PM. We will be discusing the book, Relaxing With God. Here is a synopsis of the book: "Jesus called his followers to exchange the heavy yoke around their necks for his light one. So why are so many Christians feeling weighed down and burned out? The simple answer is that they are being told from many pulpits across the country what they 'should be' doing for God. Bestselling author Andrew Farley calls this for what it is--works-based religion--and then shares with readers biblical wisdom on the neglected art of resting in Christ. Anyone longing to experience true release from the crushing expectations that the world throws their way will find life and rest in Farley's revolutionary message." 
Plan to join us!

Soup's On!

Join Pastor Mark and Vicki at their house after the Morning Celebration on November 4th, at 12:30ish. Bring your favorite soup, chili, or desert. Sign up on the list, so we will have enough soup and/or chili.